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Beverly Hill

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At the touch of love, everyone become a poet.
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May 20th @ 10:51pm EDT

Check out my schedule, please! I will be online only at that time, even less! So don't waste your time, if u see me online! #student life #studyhard #doctor #dentist :D

After 10 of July i willl be online more often, but when i online rarelly i need your attention more! so please, Guys, lovers,friends, help me if you will see me online.

Why i will be online less? Becouse i have exam soon and want to prepare, also right now i have some practice and work with Patients. thattakes almoust all my power.
i really hope that you will help and really need all of you.

Thank you if you read this blog, i aprecciate this/

P.S. Do not be indifferent.
all who will help me in hard times wait gifts (free minutes. discountes, fanclub or sexy photos)

u can write me at twitter i available to answer there 24/7

My vacation!!

Jul 15th @ 10:34pm EDT

I will soon leave, congratulate me! I have a million plans for him. If you do not remember, but I'll be a doctor and 2 weeks I will practice my skills (put seals, to treat teeth, making restoration) The other two - plan to go somewhere. Of course, to her grandmother in the village, in the fresh air! Mmmm) I plan to go into the woods, on nature), but the greatest desire - to lie on the sea slightly)) I want to get a tan, and then I have this so soft skin)Thought I had on vacation) ahah) Can I breed is a holiday romance, lol)I will eat somethimg spesial and something cool) I juat amazed and happy to think about it. I want to swim in pool, wull slleep as well and also i will remember about my members)
Wha always make me happy, who camn make me smile even when i sick. Thay also can spoil my mood, but now im in good mood and think about good things ) You know that words is nothing, i accepted only actions)
NOw i dream about crasy and cool man who will LOVE me, who will adore me lol))
WBut i have you, my costumers and i love you. Come to me and be happy with me)


Jun 30th @ 8:45pm EDT

All of us have some wondered what they would do with a million and as if they earned it) The easiest way, of course, it was an accident, such as a lottery or an unexpected inheritance. In this case, everything is much prossche because it remains only to spend. And the weekday and people have less to spend, the more likely it is they will spend in vain. An intelligent man, who had previously money with money, the money, of course, invest in the future, and the second will buy something meaningful, like a car or a house with a circumnavigation cruise to boot.Earn autonomously harder, people spend a lifetime to earn, but they can not even enjoy because the purpose for which it was participating from the race for the dream. He does not need that million, he needs to realize that he could!
As for me, I am, of course, plan to make it/ And witll spend it with brain))
I opened my dental plans and cosmetology. I'll buy a house by the sea, and every year I will travel. I want to find a man who will accept me with his jokes and regulations. I am beautiful, I have a bad character. And of course I will share with my friends. I will do one small desire of every true friend. I think I've got the brains))) and you spend ????


Jun 19th @ 10:51pm EDT

Everything happened so mysterious. It is a new lingerie lace transparent. Pale pink color blended with her skin. In the darkness, I heard only her footsteps quiet, gentle, cautious. It was at this moment the steps become more confident, and it was clear that it was close to the bed on which you are lying. The steps were getting closer and closer. But something inaudible steps, complete silence in an apartment and you do not know where I am ... somewhere in a minute you heard the breathing is very excited girls. But you do not like it could not determine where it is. The breath was heard so as if it is next to you. But this evidence was not. And then finally you have felt the touch of my lips to your forehead, nose, lips, chin, I dropped lower and lower, and that's your cock is already in my mouth. I suck it gently, lovingly and eagerly as if for the last time. Now you can feel that you are excited as I am. At that moment I felt that you had in me. At first, it was gently, gently, slowly but eventually the motion becomes faster and sharper. Light moaning turned into cries satisfied on the whole apartment. And now the seed has to erupt out of your penis, you have time to pull it out of me and ended up on my chest.

Tenderness and only tenderness.

Jun 19th @ 10:09pm EDT

Tenderness and only tenderness. She breaks out, it is haunted. I myself undress you, gently, gently, gradually freeing you from unnecessary odezhdy.Net, buttons will not tear. Slowly unbutton one and kiss each
vacant cell.
Oh - oh, you are impatient. Trying to undress me, but I'm given. First you, my good.
Here, all the buttons undone, chest to kiss. Shirt flying to the side.
Go to the panties. Unzip. No - no, not fast, millimeter by millimeter, and again whole. Slowly I release you from the naughty shtanin.Ne want to part with the owner. Each leg, gently stroking, gentle kiss.
My jaw almost touch. Every touch you shudder. But that's trousers fall. Transcend, move a little - a little. And it's so sticks, pants trying to break. But why be sure to tear, which I gradually
droop and again my lips do touch charming, fingers caress the ass. And here is my lord. How big it is, it stretches me. My tongue in a hurry to meet him.
Now it is time. I accept the caress of your hands. No, you're not in a hurry. Please do not tear my clothes. Carefully. What pugovok too much on my dress? So specially dressed to extend longer charm. But, that's not fair. You undid the fifth without kissing a piece that was released after the fourth. Come back. Yes, like that.
You can go on. What prevents bust? But no sooner, first dress.
Yes, yes, I can not stop caressing my divine boy. No, it is only the tongue stroking, touching lips softly, her mouth wait.
That's dress flew. Finally something you got to bust. Ah, zip does not listen? So do not worry, calm, like this. There they are - two hemispheres.
Oh, please nicer. What is insatiable. Oh, do not bite, I also hurt. Yes, hickey more pleasant. Oh - oh, how cool. Ah, again biting.
I tear myself away from the boy, my lips tear you from my poor bitten breasts and seal naughty, voracious mouth passionate kiss. Oh - oh, that's better.
Your gentle hands immediately find and grab my nipples. Oh, how priyatno.Ah and why my Rose misses. I do not have time to think about how to free the boy rushes to her. Oh, no, not yet. Well you have not given her a charming kiss.
Let go of your lips. They immediately ran to the girl. Come to divanu.Da so. My head is at your feet, and your at the mine. My tongue, ah, he gets up with your boy. Oh, my rose is already wet and hot on your touch. Oh, how marvelous your tongue! Your lips passionately kiss my
clitoris. Oh - oh, I'm on the verge!
Your breath tells me that you have reached the peak. Oh, give me a drink from the source of this charming. I suck him into her and almost suffocating. Cramps to push him, but breathing, I accept it again and again is pushed.
You moan, one begins to growl. Yes, come to me, come on, deeper, deeper ...
Are you sensing the approach of higher pleasures, begin to work miracles his tongue. My moans turn into a cry of pleasure, which merges with your roar. Oh, it's amazing, fascinating, but just do not have
We are simultaneously experiencing the highest pleasure. And freezes in his arms.
Tenderness, affection, tenderness, solid ...
We have a long lie so as not beginning to awaken a desire to re ...

My lesbian story again))

Jun 12th @ 3:06am EDT

My name is Beverly. I am 18 years old, I have two breast size, firm ass and Gorny, always shaved pussy. Happened to me happened to me in a strange city, I learned only on the 1st year of medical institute and rented an apartment in Riga with a girl named Victoria. She was older than me by 2 years, she was a beautiful slim figure, large breasts and buttocks myagenkaya.
With the institute I came home early, as soon as the door closed, I heard once gentle moans that were heard from our bedroom. TK Vick has not closed the door behind him, I immediately took off her shoes and flew to watch, why my girlfriend so moans. Glancing into the gap, I saw an amazing sight. Vick was lying on the couch, one hand plucking at her pink klitorochek and the other his little sunburned nipples. From this spectacle, I am very much excited. I penetrated his hand into her panties, stuck one finger in your vagina and began to move his hand back - here. Excitement, I did not notice that began to moan. Vick, of course, heard all. She was not dressed peeped through the crack and saw my shining eyes and silently pulled me into the bedroom.
- Lie down. Today is our day, my girl.
I obediently lay on the bed. Vick lay on top of me, pressing my body with their sexual sisechki she licked my lips. After that, she stuck her tongue in my mouth, it makes me even more excited. We played 10 minutes of tongues, then Vick slowly pulled off my sweater and undid her bra.
- I for ice, and you take off your clothes, naked.
After obeying Vick I quickly pulled off her shorts and panties and my pussy juices flowed, without waiting for a girlfriend I started to masturbate.
- Without me? - Coyly asked a friend.
She sat down on my tummy his shaved pussy and began to drive on the ice my nipples. Once a piece of ice melted, it became to lick the water off my chest. Maneuvering language with my nipples, Wick rubbed on my pussy slightly elevated knee. Then she did the same with my second nipple, and tummy.
After all this, Victoria began to caress my ice "girl", sometimes penetrating icicles into my hole.
The ice floe melted and Vic began to lick my pussy. She thrust the tongue into the vagina, the clitoris caressed them, licking lips sex. Vick was biting my "button of" plucking his fingers again lick and suck the juice out of my pussy.
After all this, Lisa pressed her to my hole and started to move quickly. We both enjoyed it very much, so we did not think so fast finish.
I suggested Vick lick her pussy.
Vick sat pink pussy on my face, and I began to fuck her tongue, then sticking out, then tucking it inside.
After me, out of breath and Wick, we have become a caress each other nipples and play tongues lying side by side.
Here's my friend Vic.

Too mush for worlds

Jun 10th @ 6:29pm EDT

Suddenly I stopped completely submerged member, strongly pulsating inside her ...
IT IS a little angry, and begged him to continue without seeing what he was doing, feeling the hot hand on her clitoris, she shivered a little.
He pressed a little tight on the mound she crying strongly bent member plunging even deeper so far as it was possible.
Pulsating cannon struck a strong jet of hot sperm, only reinforcing her orgasm ...
another minute they were both lying unconscious, when she abruptly dropped to her knees and shoulders uperevshis has not revived by the last orgasm M.Ch. lips took his penis, she has long wanted to do that, much squeezed it gently licked the remaining drop of pleasure
taking the hand of a member of the very foundation she became head gently to enter into his mouth, hot tongue walked on eggs from the bottom up, and the entire length of the member ...
quickly he took it all in his mouth, from which the body just as the guy walked cramp
Oh, it was simply unforgettable ...
Now she's seen a bandage for a long time lying on the floor, no more hurt and now she directed the process!
Movement becomes faster, she wanted to feel it a whole without a trace.
There lay his hand gently on his head .... she loved so much when he controls it and began to move faster and even more ...
Second hand she gently massaging the testicles for a couple of minutes later that was rewarded with the long-awaited jet that hit this time straight into her throat ...
after a few moments she lay on top of him with a satisfied smile, kissed her salty lips, and in a moment they both fell asleep leaving their naked bodies on display all the same soft moonlight all the time watching them ... =)

Her orgasm

Jun 10th @ 6:28pm EDT

It was impossible to stop her savagely excited that he was sitting only a few meters from the bed, watching her, could feel his rapid breathing ...
Desire to learn each other both were simply irresistible ...
Who will say, "Take me!" She is licking her finger dissolute smile ... knowing that when they saw it he just faint!
Her deep sighs rare, quiet postanyvanie were music sets the rhythm of the entire universe and the hand slowly began to descend leaving the finely contoured nipples of her breasts moonlight,
Slowly holds the inner part of the thigh is the hot hand, then just scratching with their sharp nails ...
down to the vagina hand wet finger a moment ago that filled her mouth ...
I began to drive on the edge of the lips, the clitoris and down the pussy, making it very slowly sinking into the sweet Istomin, while easily pulling already vzbuhshie nipples ...
starting to move towards its Palchikov that little has entered into it, I felt a warm wave of pleasure rise higher.
Arching forward she got almost to the bridge, and it is quite not care that they might hear the groans of the neighbors, even more exciting ...
Orgasm has sprang somewhere in the abdomen, even a few seconds and she would lie exhausted on the bed with a satisfied smile, and while it eagerly snapped open jaws filled with sex air.
With unexpected sharpness he grabbed the wrist and started behind the head ... she did not even have time to understand what is happening as a sharp thrust he entered her at the very foundation and became the fastest to enter into it blows his dick ...
Consciousness has left it and it was impossible to say, a second or passed an eternity, it was unexplained, it was on the thin side when the orgasm was quite close but still gaining momentum and it just drove
her to the madness ...

naughty neighbors:) 1

Jun 10th @ 5:57pm EDT

Matthew morning went out to smoke outside and greedily inhale cigarette. In the yard of a neighbor Olga entered the courtyard, and, turning the pan - digesting, metal objects peasant articles began to rattle loudly. It was a sign that her husband was not home.
Matthew quickly rushed into the hall and grabbed a can of worms, which were harvested from that the day before yesterday, rushed to the garden.
His wife Liza will still sleep an hour - a half, he has time and he furtively looking around, he jumped over the fence separating theirs, and the neighbor's garden.
A few more steps and, behold, he was near the neighbor's bathhouse. I opened the door, expired dressing room and burst into a neighbor's bathhouse.
Olga was waiting for him and then took a step forward.
He glared fierce kiss on gentle, eager female lips. She said a fervent kiss. With his right hand, holding a woman to himself, he became on the left - a businesslike matter crumple under her full breasts.
Olga quickly undid the bodice summer sundresses, lush breasts fell out.
Matthew kneaded, stroked, caressed those beautiful hemisphere. He would glare at them in sweet hickey, but he remembered how Olga disappointed and even cried when he lost his temper and left on her chest hickey. Olga then told that her husband would hurt her. But God spared me - my husband did not notice. And since Matthew sworn never so passionately kissing his polyubovnitsu.

Be continued...

What i thin about anal sex

Jun 7th @ 9:03pm EDT

Let me give you a couple of reasons why I do not like anal sex. Just say I tried this kind of "pleasure" and only experienced the pain and horror. Then I could not stop crying. I do not always remember this day ... So I identified a lot of cons anal sex for themselves.
Case of incontinence must omit. And so you understand perfectly what it could face in a crowded place, or waking up in the morning with a loved one in bed. The more people I absolutely cleanly and who loves soft and clean smelling roses sex. To partner could at any time to lick and smell very strongly influences the libido. What about me, the smell of feces oppresses my libido and makes me frigid!
This is one of the consequences.
But we'll talk about special cases directly with the anal sex.
1. to put it mildly unpleasant smell in the room during intercourse.
2. Particles of undigested food in the penis of the partner. Vegetable seeds, pepper skins of vegetables.
3. fecal pellets on the penis of the partner, his pubic hair and your hair around the anus.
4. Involuntary exit gases.
5. Involuntary stool output.
6. Traces, divorce fecal member partner.
7. Bad breath. You use a condom? It will reek. And it has to be removed, remove the hands, and it is dirty. The fingers will smell.
8. A strong pain shock.
Enjoy a little. And it certainly can not affect the relationship. And if it is casual sex, I will not suffer so much to make it nice. I believe that sex should be having fun dvoim.Vozmozhno once I fall in love with the person that will be ready to go for it at that. But that's another story.


Jun 7th @ 8:44pm EDT

Early in the morning Sunrays knocked on her window glass. No, not knocked - throwing a handful of multi-colored reflections, he deftly slipped into the room and a bright yellow spot on the wall crept cautiously picking up standing near the headboard of the bed.
So he climbed up on the pillow, and softly touched her hair gathered fervent Belchina tails. Carefully wander in her hair, whispering touched cheeks and waited as her lips tremble in the quiet answering smile, gently touched the fluffy eyelashes. Those fluttered.
Ray fearfully darted to his ear, but seeing that she has not woken up, continued his journey: gently glided over the smooth cheek, gently, barely breathing - that inadvertently tickle - moved through the spout-winged samaras and unable to move on, froze serried lips to warm ...
And at that time I played the alarm.
She sighed and opened her eyes. On her lips she was born a most charming and beautiful morning smile ... "Oh ... Wow this dream!" - She smiles ruefully thinking about what to put in, because you can inadvertently shake off the remnants of the solar dream ...
In the evening, on the way home from work when she out of habit, for a moment, closed his eyes wearily - so clearly it again seemed as if her face slips gentle sunbeam. Not opening his eyes, she smiled ...
Although the street that day was pretty overcast and nahohlennye people wrap up in his collars were like raw branches gnarled trees for her now magically sang summer, fluffy clouds, like toys, carelessly tumbled in a turquoise sky, and the air is invisible waltzed little good smeshinki.
In this Mige quiet happiness, this box of light that is not devoured twilight She suddenly becomes patently clear that she been here - albeit indescribable and elusive from the imagination way - through the sunny dream ...
He was driving in a crowded subway car, staring blankly in front of him and something quietly smiling. His thoughts wandered away ...
"Let touches you my affection!" - He repeated all the way ...

Throw open your door for a short trip, feel the romance and relationships pleasant mystery.

Jun 7th @ 8:42pm EDT

Summer day was coming to an end. Heat gradually passes into the cool of the evening, and the spirit of romance fills the entire space. Unrestrained power of love coming mysterious night ghostly haze leads to radiant space.
Stanislav entered the elevator and pressing the send button cabin top. Out on the ninth floor, he opened the door with the key and entered the spacious hall. Alla sitting on the couch flipping through Glamour magazine, stopping occasionally look at the glossy pictures. Openwork veil scarlet peignoir emphasized the excellent tan legs, bust, waist and slightly plump create a certain charm of maturity. Woman charms, seduces. She wants to love. Dame after forty begins to experience increasingly appearing in her bursts of sensuality becomes confident, romantic dreams accompany her everywhere. She begins to feel thinner flavor of love, refinement of its beauty, the constant need for tenderness and a certain elegance in a relationship with a man.
They meet for two years. Erupted flame of love did not seem to go out until the end of their lives. Each meeting calling in their hearts and lonely souls of peace, bliss, and quiet joy personified the greatness of love and an unprecedented feeling of happiness. Frank kisses, the rustle of their clothing and nudity flushed bodies in silk sheets. The splendor of beauty and harmony. Messenger conception confidently pushing love lip placed in a woman. Under cover of night lovers are returning to their intended use to be a man and a woman ... How do you want to stay among all of the kingdoms of the earth.

oral fantasyy

Jun 7th @ 4:33am EDT

I stand before the mirror and admire his naked body: I ​​feel a pleasant soft touch of long hair on the arms, then the silky skin of the neck, elastic magnificent breasts ... Bronze tan rounded slender forms pleasant caress the eye. In spite of my twenty-five, the body is still perfect, it is still the same crazy men, excites the imagination and vulgar exciting their lustful male body ... And I myself already excited, admiring the "self delicious!" What to say about a boy of eighteen, my new "male", which has experienced a normal woman, and yet was not. Tonight I'm waiting for him back in the network of my love: he comes, so innocent and shy, but nevertheless, in the bed, he embodies all mine, even the unexpected whims and fancy ...
I spotted this sexy boy in school. No - no, not during my studies - I teach chemistry at the school, from which L graduated a year ago. For admission he needed chemistry, and we had engaged in tutoring twice a week. About a month ... Then I began to notice that I was moving away from home, it was a wild risers! Wow, this is so exciting to me the very thing I did not want to let him go home .. And one could not resist ... It was a cold autumn evening. We as always will take approximately one and a half hours of endless, then my Lyoshenka it was going to go, I offered him "on track" to drink a cup of coffee. He agreed, and we have a smooth and confident step, almost arm in arm, moved into the kitchen. For example, a cup of coffee, we talked about that, about this, I asked about his future plans for life. Of course, already a little excited by it from the velvet, sexy voice that poured into my mind ropy honey waves and accept me like a balm for the soul, I asked him that very balm. He began to make excuses, saying, I am still early, the more you are my teacher, but I'm unaware of all this, poured a drink on the little dark - brown intoxicating liquid. Then the conversation between the second, third ... The body is beginning to obey the natural instincts more than common sense. I'm straight and confidently said:
- L, do you want me to do ???
And his tongue a little drunk, casting fantasy certain direction, whispered to me:
- Oh yeah,
- Great ... - I whispered, making sure flapping eyelashes so disturbing every man, causing salivating greed and appetite for each male.
And then I attacked him excited virginal body like a hungry lion, legs apart sat on his lap and has her wet pussy felt screaming about freedom of sex and makes his way through his jeans hot hard cock ...
- Hmm ... Well, boy, play into the adult game? - I whispered slyly in his ear. In response, she heard the loud beating of his heart, and quickens every moment more and more from the apprehension of something important in his life, languid breath ...
Neat movements thin fingers, continuing to kiss his little plump lips and tongue feeling playful, which is in turn even more excited me, I slowly unbutton a button for a button on his black silk shirt. When a shirt flew to an unknown destination, before my eyes appeared tanned torso pumped, soft and velvety skin of his crazy ... Then I undid the belt, it is unnecessary to him at the moment, jeans, buttons, zippers ... And as you approach the cherished goal, I saw even more swell strong manhood ... Oh, boy, you're here, it turns out - the sexual giant! It is strange that you do not use more popular with the female! Excitation was simply no limit, all my feminine screamed: I want it !!! I quickly began to pull his jeans, shorts, and with a desire to remember this day for the rest of his life, put her lips to his hot, and probably capable of at this point desyatilitrovoe keep a bucket of water, a member of ..

Flowers for girl u like.

Jun 6th @ 9:18pm EDT

Dame prepodnёs bouquet of roses,
Her wrist adorned with a kiss.
It did not take seriously this sign
Emotional considering madness ...
Everything seems to be forgotten in the whirlwind years
In the distant past, during the hard times -
And yet the invisible trail
In her memoirs, she lives all the time.

Since then, fifteen years have passed. They never met, but lived in the same town. Family care, the daily bustle and work dispelled once caused old feelings ...
He returned late in the evening from the office. The streets were deserted for a long time, and only a midnight taxi sped by hydrating spree citizens. On a bench in the park, he accidentally saw a lone female silhouette. Slow down, he asked, why so late, she is not home. The woman said nothing and just looked at him indifferently.
"Lady prepodnёs bouquet of roses.
Her wrist adorned with a kiss. "...
Dim light a lamp would open the mysterious curtain moving action. Quiet whispers, women sobbing, and rapid breathing settled uninvited guests in this once-deserted house. Closed their embrace in the love posture as they thought they were returned to their accidentally lost happiness.
The room was music of love
Bed in a hysterical scream wheezed.
Angels in the sky lovers bore,
Night candle lights last

Woomans happines

Jun 5th @ 11:56pm EDT

She desperately looked out the window, zadёrnula curtains and sat on the sofa. Matthew did not come back, and in fact vowed today to visit. Vanessa many times declared herself to part with him, but something inside always breaks. Fear of being alone again, or maybe she loves him? - Still not a lot of choices to appear in her life ... And he's so gentle, helpful, and how it is viewed her friends. The woman boil rage rivalry. No, she did not give anyone. In my head involuntarily swept recent dazzling moments of their love of the meeting. Member Matthew blazing passion sweet kisses shuddered in the woman, leading her into raptures. The splendor of emotions, sensations, and an unimaginable pleasure. Only familiar convulsions of passion allowed them to return to the real world ... She drops him on the heart to give,
And he did, alas, did not notice. A woman always wants to please, and languishing desires.
She is eternally grateful to a man who it entertains.

Prelude marital sacrament notes sounded charming sensuality. Lovers sated incredible kisses and caresses frank, exhausted impatience united in the divine ritual copulation. By - cat caved in, a woman raising a luxurious ass presented fragrant freshness to the vulva dressed in a condom cleared up member and safely dressed for the coveted splendor. The man began to move happily enjoying courtesy of sight. Love lips parted in a shameless smile flickered on his tremors measured. A pleasant languor gripped their bodies and souls, as if weightless circling the head and breath.


Jun 2nd @ 8:17pm EDT

Lisa tried on clothes, discarding the couch inappropriate. Appeared in the winter surplus at the waist and hips, not allowed to put on your favorite items. She was nervous. Before meeting with Andrew was a little more than an hour. Finally, still picking up the dress, I called a taxi and rushed into the street.
At the park near the waterfront I waited another half an hour I realized that he had not come. In addition, it started to rain quite spoiled the mood. Lisa wandered distractedly on a wet asphalt, wiping his face with a drop of rain and tears. Vzvizgnuvshie brakes behind her back to reality. The taxi driver who came to order, obligingly opened the door, inviting her into the cabin of his car. He is sitting on the seat next to Lisa if old friend told her the sad story. Gregory listened to her, tried to calm as he could, and landed at the entrance to waive the fee went.
It has become more to him than just a woman, settled in his heart ... a long time, forever. Gregory loved her not being able to embrace the night, gently hugged her, kiss her. He was very much afraid that Lisa disappeared from his life, and he will lose her forever. Early in the morning Grisha drove up to the entrance. Fortunately, I had to wait for long, although he was willing to wait indefinitely. Lisa was surprised yesterday when he saw a familiar ...
The star of the night veil, the woman becomes a shining delicate flower, presenting its charm gracefully and frankly. Breathing inherent warmth of the female body arouses interest and curiosity of men. Gregory inspired extraordinary caresses and kisses and touches nedolyubili nedolaskannuyu woman. Her heart and soul yearned wants more. Love muscle safely surging demands of female attention and admiration desired. Sweet lips scarlet lipstick pleasant and unique ...
The call of love rewarded them charming daughter. They are extremely happy and thankful for the occasional rainy evening, and very often walk in the park on the waterfront.

PS "Somewhere on the edge of the earth two hearts
Finally found each other,
And quietly gone hand in hand
Over the horizon of everyday circle. "

Lesbian orgy

May 27th @ 1:15am EDT

Hi, my name is Beverly in my student days happened to me a lot of stories one happened when I was a freshman, I got acquainted with the guys she studied and lived in a hostel it was brand new, but watch sat fastidious woman Irina A. 48 or 54 years, it seemed to me that She looks younger than his years in appearance she was 40 but plump brunette with beautiful face clean and white. Harmful her was that she would not let me give guys as soon as I went to the new suitors, and led him into the room for an interesting
does she kicked him and scolded me, but my friends why they could not drag conceivable number of guys in front of her nose and her cries of them even did not make friends said that there is a way but I would not hear.
The room I lived with four friends and that in one room we had five Marissa July and Jeanne, lesbian , I did not notice slap each other on the ass and all the girls looked ordinary at all was a second breast size besides and July she was the first.Since the guys did not let us, we always want sex. One day vcherverom we drank, danced, sang songs, I started to touch tion nipples and ass. I felt so good, so there was never, I wanted so much sex. I kissed her, we started to undress each other, we were joined by friends. we all lay on the floor in underwear and touched each other's pussy. There were four of us, so that everyone can have fun and make it available. First start Marissa, she began to lick my pussy and suck in my clitoris, I completely lost chickened out and took Ready to Julia and began to do the same with her and did that with me. This orgy lasted several hours we caressed each other and finishing. Best night. In the morning we were not ashamed to look into each other's eyes. Each of us are just waiting for a repetition.

Few reasns to love cats^_^

May 26th @ 7:30pm EDT

Our family has always lived cats. We love these furry graceful creatures. But recently, I thought, and for what, in fact, people are so fond of cats? I got here is a list of these reasons.

So, I love cats.

For their purring. If the cat often purrs in your presence - then your love is mutual. When you're somehow sad, rhythmic purring cat once soothing and uplifting.
For their wonderful warm suede curious noses, they shoved everywhere. There is not a corner of the house, which would not have visited the inquisitive cat nose.
Behind their soft paws, they love to knead the blanket and pink pillows that are so nice to tickle.
For their "Emery" warm tongue kissing.
For their intolerable arrogant independence, which surprisingly combined with the constant need to be with you.
For their impatient meow when you make them wait favorite treat or outing.
For their love of baskets, boxes, mats and slippers.
Because they always find the only sunny spot throughout the house and then take it by yourself.
Because when you want to read a book, they always go to bed on the open page. And when the pope wants to read the newspaper after a day, instead of playing with the little peoples, from the newspaper immediately left alone pieces.
Because they sleep so gracefully, and then just as graceful stretch themselves.
Because they sit very nicely, just like the ancient statues, carefully wrapping the tail around him, and thus slow blink.
Because they love to curl up on your chest, and sometimes even put his paw on your cheek.
Because they can spend hours watching intently out the window.
Because they are always distinguished by calling mother, who comes from the market, from my father's call to the door - because dad comes home from work without edible things.
Because neither is always there.


May 26th @ 5:59pm EDT

You bought the flowers ?! What beautiful roses! Give me, I put them in a vase!
- Wait a minute. This bouquet is not for you, and our mother. She has the same birthday today. Or you forgot about it? - His voice sounded involuntarily reproach.
- Suck up to his mother! - Mockingly asked his remark stung Olga and looked quizzically at his tired face.
- Why do I suck up to her? She made us so much good. The house is sold, helped us buy this apartment, beautifully concerns me, God forbid, it's health, raised our daughter. Continuing support money. See how much she does? So, we do not sin, for her birthday, give her a modest bouquet of flowers. I have a bottle of wine and this bought. We sit at the table a bit, let's drink to the health of your mother.
- No, dear! Dismiss me from this family happiness. I would be better, as long as you sit here, I'll go to his girlfriend. Lucy just called me, pleaded with her to come. With Victor they again discord.
"As if you and I better," - sadly thought, Roman, looking at his wife hurried to dress.

* * *

After receiving a bouquet of flowers, Margarita V. blushed happily. Roman again, admiring her beautiful expressive face with black as coal, large eyes. She went to him, and slightly raised on tiptoe gratefully kissed on the lips. As always in such moments, he excitedly broke involuntarily held her, as if prolonging this sweet for him to kiss. His wife does not spoil tenderness. With an effort, looking up from her full lips, he saw her laughing, everyone understands the eye. They were still something, which he could not comprehend. In them was the sadness and affection for him, and ... something incomprehensible why he always inflates. Next to her, he said, why it felt like a real


May 23rd @ 11:19pm EDT

Hunting today, it is a failure. Trifon catastrophically unlucky. What he will miss the duck, but wasted a shot cartridge, something podranok fly away into the reeds, then look for it in the bush, if the dog with him to hunt did not take it with a gun suddenly there was a misfire. In general, he spat in annoyance, but not empty-handed, went home.
Coming to the Black burning, he recalled that there was a raspberry when -That notable. Even inexperienced boys, they regaled him fragrant wild berries, so if he does not bring home game, even though raspberry eat. Anyway, you should rest a bit.
Silently absorbed in the bushes, he heard a loud crash of breaking nearby raspberry bushes, like a bear breaking through them, to the hunting habit, instantly alert, and the gun hanging on his shoulder, just in case, instinctively felt. If anything, he did have time to recharge. Quietly crept to the place of the noise, I looked back, and nearly spat with annoyance. His fears are, thank God, turned from scratch. It's just his odnoselchanka Agatha, not noticing anything around, enthusiastically collects sweet berries.
He had wanted to sozornichat, little spore scare a woman picking berries, but knowing full well how soon she violence, wisely refrained from jokes. Sitting near the bushes, picking up branches, she deftly fleeced them with berry.
Ah, still as seductive and very good it is! During the meetings with it, it has long been drooled hurt appetizing, varnish it was this smooth, good wench. That front, that back, just her in large abundance. I have something to feel, and used, as is, for that. While one hand, perhaps it did not seize the milking. Her breasts big, bulky, heavy pulls homespun jacket and behind such a vast that two good women would be enough, but he got only one to her. For all that, her waist is surprisingly thin, like the young girls, as if she did not give birth ever, his two girls. Although she, passed well over thirty, she nevertheless still youthful and quite charming.

Gatehouse look around, noticing near strangers, he quietly crept up to her, then abruptly pulling her arm, deftly knocked back. He fell face up, she silently clapped her lips numb with fear, struggling, or scream with fright, or obmaterit it for frivolous playfulness, but the fear in her, completely lost his voice.
Throwing on the grass knapsack and gun, not allowing her time to recover, he fell on top of her bear forest, strongly bend under him, and then with difficulty beating her shamefaced resistance, pulled up her skirt wide. As he expected, thanks to the summer heat, she was not wearing panties under her, so he saw beneath dense undergrowth on the plump pubis, with a long crack gender gap gradually lose their down between her thighs tightly closed mast feet.
By understanding his men intent Agasha Shrew jerked beneath him, tried to reset it, but Trifon was lying on it, he is slowly sinking into her twitching, hot body. Pouring paint excitement, she painfully bit his lip full and difficult breathing, stared into his eyes. Her blue eyes darkened instantly, were covered with haze.
- Ah ha! Ah ha! Ah ha! Ah ha! - Kolyshev under it hard and sweet, she groans.
Lingering groan, she angrily looked at him.
- Yes, so do not rush you, damn! What could you now hurry? ! Or afraid not have time? Oh if you were able to fill me, but screw up her skirt, so now indulges as one must not hurry. Do not hurry, I say! I suppose in a fire. Give me Trisha how to delight your caresses. Ljubo I feel you! Oh, enjoy!

The substitution of Trifon jar, she took his jacket, then narwhal soft grass, arranged a cozy bed. Lying on his side, hand adjusting a deep, tender solicitude she watched as enjoying the fullness of her tender flesh, he gently and sensually sucks her big breasts

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